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Well-being Activities for Children (and us)

In these challenging and uncertain times our children can feel all the anxieties and worries that we do. There is a definite palpable atmosphere that our children are picking up on as well. It may be unusual for them to have both parents at home all the time, they may be listening to the news or radio about COVID-19 and the concerns and worries everyone has. They might hear people talking about death and illness all the time. Not having the structured routine of school and having their trained teacher being replaced with their parent or carer. For me, as I am working remotely from home, my children are hearing my phone calls about domestic abuse, bad relationships and details of physical abuse. I try very hard to take calls in another room or not talk in detail on the phone, but as you can imagine this is very challenging.

I know there are a lot of amazing social media influencers sharing well-being tips but I came across this website and thought it was amazing, so I wanted to share with you all. It is well-being week at my children's school so every afternoon this week they will be doing wellness activities, what a good time to do some with your children or for yourself.

These activities below are from the fab website

1) If you like the idea of a worry monster but can't buy one right now, how about this .........

Download PDF • 2.91MB

2) This 'Warm and Fuzzy' jar is a great idea, which I will definitely be doing with my two.

Download PDF • 560KB

3) This next story is very close to my heart and a great, warming story to tell the children. When you qualify as an IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advocate) you are given a copy of this story and get a silver starfish pin to wear as a reminder. It is a story to remind us all that even the smallest gesture can make the biggest difference.

Download PDF • 4.02MB

4) Complete this 14 Stay At Home Challenge........

Coronavirus-14 Day home challenge
Download PDF • 1.02MB

5) Do some yoga with your child(ren). Yoga is proven to lower heart rate, regulate breathing and help calm the mind and body. If your not sure about positions log on to They do yoga sessions for children and adults while making it fun for them, and its free to watch. Great to do in the mornings before the dreaded schoolwork battle begins.

Let me know what you think of these activities and I will be posting more in the coming days. Feel free to tag me in any photo's via Instagram.

Stay home, stay safe and bring some well-being into your lives this week.

Best Wishes

Sam x

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