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Personal Diary Posts January 2022

1st Janaury 2022

We booked an impromtu few nights away. We wanted to get away from the aftermath of Christmas, illness's and work so we booked a last minute trip to the coast. The flat we are in overlooks the beach and is a short walk to the local village.

This morning I wanted to join 100's of others in starting the new year by swimming in the sea. It was freezing but very exhilerating. It felt like the pefect way to start a new year.

Throughout December I was feeling overwhelmed and sad by everyday stresses and pressures from work and home. This weekend away has helped us reconnect as a family of four, arguements has lessened and Mark and I have not thought about work.

Being in nature definately has healing, soothing properties. It calms our nervous system and helps us to feel relaxed. Although I won't be making any New Years Resolutions I will making intentions for the year and then break those down into monthly and weekly intentions. Being in nature more will be on my list.

Due to my health anxiety I am already feeling anxious about the children going back to school and all the illness's and bugs that go round in winter. I need to take my own advice and accept anxiety is part of who I am and try to 'ride the waves', reminding myself these feelings don't last.

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