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Our Mindfulness Week

I am pulling resources together from an array of books, cards and training manuals to have a week full of mindfulness for myself and my 2 children. Mainly for my 8 year old daughter, Megan, who has suffered with anxiety since lockdown started. I am on a mission to help her as much as I can - as well as getting into good habits myself.

I hope you find my below plan interesting and I would love for you all to share this week (and hopefully beyond) with us and let us know how you are all getting on too on Instagram using the tag #kidsmindfulweek

Monday 20th July

- Yoga in the afternoon, using Yoga Pretzels Cards.

- Exercise, riding bikes.

- Read the book 'Breath by Breath' By Paul Christelis.

- Gratitude from the day when going to bed.

Tuesday 21st July

- Start the day by picking a mindfulness card from 'Mindful Kids' pack. Meditation is a great way to start the day.

- We will be doing mindful gardening. Planting vegetable seeds in our garden. I believe gardening is important for children. They can learn so much and get so much from it.

- Before bed we will chose a 'Calm' card from the 'Mindful Kids' card pack.

- Before bed will we have our daily gratitude chat about what they have been grateful for today.

Wednesday 22nd July

- Megan can pick a guided meditation for kids from the Calm app.

- We will be making Energy Slime from the great book 'Calm - Mindfulness For Kids' By Wynne Kinder. Items you need: cornflour, water, a bowl, a spoon and food colouring (full method and guidance to follow). This should be great fun.

- Finish the day with gratitude and journal writing together.

Thursday 23rd July

- Start the day by picking another mindfulness card from 'Mindful Kids' pack.

- Yoga together, either using yoga cards or Megan can pick a kids Cosmic Yoga session on YouTube.

- We will talking about grounding techniques and talking about the techniques Megan would like to take on board and use when she is feeling anxious or stressed (see below for the file- this is from children's trauma training I have completed).

Friday 24th July

- Pick another card from 'Mindful Kids' card pack.

- I'm very excited to say we will be doing a Live Instagram at 10am, making a Gratitude Paper Chain. All you need is different coloured paper, a pen, scissors and a glue stick or sellotape. So grab the bits you need and come join us on Friday morning to make a gratitude paper chain. This is another activity from the great book 'Calm - Mindfulness For Kids' By Wynne Kinder.

Saturday 25th July

- We will be camping with family this weekend but this won't stop us trying to be mindful and reduce our stress levels.

- Use the Calm app and pick a kids guided meditation on my phone.

- I have printed off some mindful colouring pages from the internet for them to do while camping, if you google it there are so many you can choose from.

Sunday 26th July

- Pick another kids guided meditation from the Calm app on my phone.

- We will be playing the game 'What's In The bag'. This is another activity inspired from the book 'Calm - Mindfulness For Kids' By Wynne Kinder. You pick different objects with a variety of textures and put them in a bag. You then try to guess what the object is before pulling it out of the bag by feeling the textures. I will try to find different objects while camping.

Have a great mindful week and here's to creating calmer, better habits.

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