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New To Camping? Tips For Brand New Campers

It's a new year, which means the camping season will soon be upon us, very exciting. Warmer weather, lots of new things to try, new camp sites to explore and festivals to attend.

Some people who have never camped have asked me "where do I start? What do I buy? Where should we go on our first trip?".

Start here! Here is my guide for people interested in camping but don't know where to start.

No. 1: What do you want to camp in? I could talk for hours about different campervans, tents, bell tents, motorhomes; the list is endless (oohh maybe I can do another post about all the different types later) but for today we will base our first trip camping in a tent.

Decide what size, shape and type of tent you like and want. Do you want one with a porch area? Do you want one with separate sleeping areas? Do you want one of these fancy inflatable air tents that has no poles? Or are you happy with normal/original tent poles that you put together? GoOutdoors have a huge range of tents in store, many which are erected so you can see what they look like up. Then if you want to purchase it online you will know what the inside looks like.

No. 2: Think about bedding

Do you want duvets, blankets or sleeping bags? Blow up mattress' or camp beds?

No. 3: Essentials

Kettle, saucepans, cups, plates (plastic or paper), water carrier to collect fresh water in. Something to sit on, camping chairs, blow up chairs or even stools from home (but I can't imagine they would be very comfortable after a while.

No 4: Food

Plan what you will eat before you go. Make your first camping trip as stress-free as possible so think of easy meals you all like. Easy camping foods are sausages and burgers on the fire, pasta in a saucepan, eggs etc.

No. 5: Non essentials (but still very useful)

Lighter to start the fire, toys/things for the kids to do, torch/head torch, storage box or bag to put all your stuff in (the laundry size bags are good) extra tent pegs and if you are anything like me possibly extra blankets in case you get cold.

When you are there, if you enjoy camping you can make a list of all the things you want for future camping trips.

No. 6: Where to go

For your first camping trip I would suggest you stay fairly local to where you live. You know the area and you know you can come home easily should you need to (although I hope you don't). Check out the site online first (and pre-book if necessary). Find a site with all the amenities you need/want. Showers, toilets, campfires etc.

If you are local to West Kent here are a couple of good campsites which incorporate the above things. (I have reviewed this site on another post in August 2019)

Alternatively if you didn't want to buy all the equipment before you know if you enjoy it; you can hire the equipment, borrow a tent from a friend or go to a site where the tents are already erected. Pre-erected tents on a site are a perfect way to 'test drive' camping if you have an reservations about it.

There are also many sites that do Glamping. This is a cross- between camping and glamorous. It normally has many amenities and some even do resort-style services, such as breakfast.

I hope this post has been helpful and please continue to message me if you have any questions about this post or anything else.

Happy Camping everyone.

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