• Sam Swann

My Top 5 Essential Items

The last couple of camping trips we’ve done it’s become more apparent to me about how important certain items are. The list below are my top 5 items but others may be different for different people.

1) Flip flops / crocs for showering. When you go to a campsite with showers and plan to have a shower you don’t want to have bare feet in a possible dirty shower. #veruccazone You can shower with crocs or flip flops on and don’t have to worry about your feet and what you’re treading in.

2) Wellies. Even in summer the British weather can be unpredictable and even if it doesn’t rain the grass can be damp first thing in the morning. Getting wet shoes and feet and having to sit with them for the rest of

your trip is not a fun thought. 3) Find the right bedding that keeps you warm and comfortable. There are so many different types of bedding you can get, from foam sleeping mats, camp beds to air beds. Getting a good nights sleep is so important, if you sleep well then you feel you can deal with anything- if you don’t sleep well it can put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

4) Good cooking utensils. Don’t be afraid to have cooking utensils and decent cutlery. Trying to cook a meal in one pan is just not necessary. If you enjoy cooking / eating don’t make it a chore while camping. Having a lovely set of pans and plastic plates and bowls makes it all much nicer. We don’t like having the ‘traditional’ camping food every weekend so we enjoy mixing it up and having more nutritious meals, such as spag bol, curry and chicken salads.

5) Have a shelter other than your tent or van. Invest in an awning / porch / gazebo. If rain stops play, having somewhere to sit, other than all cramming into a tent, is nice. If it rains for more than a few hours it can put a dampener on your day all being stuck in a small area.

These things make our trips more enjoyable and comfortable- camping doesn’t have to be about being cold or ‘roughing it’, it’s about enjoying quality family time in the open air.

Go and enjoy camping and make your own list of your own top 5 essentials you shouldn’t forget. What’s on your list?

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