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Diary Posts Monday 20th Sept

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Today feels like a fresh start. The start of something new- it’s a new moon tonight.

Today I am thankful for a better night’s sleep than I was expecting last night. Our 4 month old puppy has an upset tummy and has been waking up at least once every night needing to go out to the toilet. Sleep (or lack of it) can really alter our mood and effect our ability to deal with daily stresses or challenges as we normally would.

I am reading a new book by Emma Howarth called ‘A Year Of Mystical Thinking’. It’s about tapping into the magic that is all around us. It’s really interesting and inspiring. I was into Tarot, witchcraft and reiki when I was younger (and I still have the books to prove it) and I completed my level 1 and level 2 reiki qualifications when I was 16. This book has relit the fire within me, I want to pursue my own mystical journey.

Inspired by the book, I started today with a vision board. Doing it on a full moon and harnessing the moon’s light is beneficial to the vision board. I lit a candle, spent time in stillness and then wrote what I wanted to let go of in the next year and I wrote what I wanted to invite/bring into my life over the next year. I then cut out inspirational pictures and quotes and stuck them over the top. I have now stuck it on my window to allow the moon’s light to shine on it over the next couple of nights. Let’s see what it brings shall we?

I also pulled an affirmation card today from The Positive Planner pack of cards: “I recognize where I have been and celebrate the person I am becoming”. I saw this as very fitting as I felt today had been a fresh start somehow.

Thursday 23rd December 2021

Tonight my cup was full! I felt so overwhelmed.

I felt I wasn’t ready for Christmas, anxious about COVID, the constant lateral flow tests, the kids were getting grumpy and I had been with them 24/7 for over a week, we are all on edge and I just felt sad. So tonight I locked myself in the bathroom and cried. The lead up to Christmas wasn’t how I had pictured it this year and I was sad we weren’t all happy. I cried and I actually felt better- when we feel overwhelmed, having a good cry can help us feel better and get it out. I wiped the tears away, but my pyjamas on and watched a film with my husband and kids. At the time I forgot all the calming techniques I knew to calm myself down, I lost all logic and felt so alone. After crying I could see what I should have done, but hindsight is a wonderful thing! Learning breathing techniques and doing the things that help us tune into our parasympathetic nervous system, we should do even when we don’t need it, especially when we don’t need it. That way, when we feel overwhelmed or stressed we can automatically turn to these techniques and it will benefit us more.

Writing/journaling is key for me and I’m hoping now I have offloaded into my journal I will sleep ok. Tomorrow is a new day. Today does not define how the next few days will go (that’s what I will keep telling myself).

Merry Christmas. May it be safe and happy for you all.

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