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Children's Yoga

Well after ages trying to upload a video of my 8 year old daughter, Megan, doing 10 minutes of yoga today, I haven't been able to do it - I'm not very IT literate I'm afraid.

She did yoga poses from the great Yoga Pretzels cards.

We have found these cards really good. We can do it together, I can hold the cards up for her to copy or she can do it on her own, copying the step-by-step process of each pose.

Poses in this pack range from 'downward facing dog', 'the boat' and 'warrior 1 and 2', to poses to do in pairs and even yoga related games. There are 50 yoga activities in total.

This pack is great for families, children and adults and it's great for people that can't remember some yoga poses but don't always want to watch a youtube video. You can pick several poses and pop them around your mat to look at as you find your Zen.

I have written before about Megan experiencing anxiety since lockdown started. Yoga is great for her to do as it's a form of exercise, so she's moving her body, it's calming and she is in control of the poses she wants to do.

Today is Day 1 of our journey to mindfulness this week, hoping to get into the habit of doing at least one mindful technique / activity every single day. So stay tuned for our progress.

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