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Campsite Review - Manor Court Farm, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Updated: Jan 11, 2020


This weekend we stayed local and went to this campsite for 2 nights. We were super excited to take and use our new Glawning tent.

I had to work until about 4pm on Friday so Mark took the kids and met our friends at the campsite. They set up the tents and got most bit sorted before I arrived.

The Glawning tent was easy to put up, it was a quick erection! He put it up on his own and found the instructions easy to follow even with the brief instructions, just goes to show they are easy to put up!. It took him half an hour to do straight out of the packet, not having put it up before. He had to tie all the guy ropes on, as it was brand new, which made the time slightly longer. Mark said “sorting a quick erection by yourself was quite satisfying”.

We were on a great pitch with our friends who also have a campervan and an awning. There were bricks already in place to have a fire and a cooking grill.

When I arrived at the site I think I brought the rain with me as after that it was heavy rain until the early hours. Mark is a builder and is very resourceful and brought a gazebo and tarpaulin and constructed a shelter which kept us well out of the rain.

Saturday was amazing weather. We had lunch at the campsite then walked through fields to one of the local pubs, The Chafford Arms in Fordcombe.

It was around 1.5 KM. There was also a great children’s park on Fordcombe village green, which the kids stopped and played in.

Sunday we packed up fairly early as more rain was due. Packing up is always the worst bit, putting things back where they belong in the van, packing the tents, gazebos and chairs back in the van the same neat way we went there with (especially in the rain).

The site has good washing up facilities, showers and even a fridge where you can put your labeled food it if you don’t have a cool box or fridge. There is even a washing machine and tumble dryer on site.

As it is a farm, there are chickens and roosters roaming the site, but they are taken back to their coop at night. And surprisingly we weren’t woken up at the crack of dawn by the roosters.

You can purchase logs on site– £8 for a gorilla bucket. We used 2 buckets over the whole weekend.

The cost for the site was £138.00 for 1 pitch with electric hook-up, but the pitch was large. For 4 adults and 3 children. Im not entirely sure but I think the pitches could accommodate more in a group.

Their prices are as follows:

Prices per night:

Adults  £12.00

Children 3-14  £6.00

Dogs  £2.50

EHU  £3.00

Overall the site is great, with pretty much everything you need there. There are other, more open, fields to camp in which still has a great atmosphere. This campsite is ideal for families and also couples and is very secure, so you can feel safe with your children wandering around and making new friends. It is set on a beautiful farm with brick outhouses and even an oast house. Fields, bike trails and public footpaths surround the campsite, allowing you to go to the neighboring villages. Our kids loved riding their bikes around, as long as they were careful not to run over the roosters!

The only negative of this site is just one shower for each sex . So this weekend it wasn’t an issue, but I can imagine it might get a bit frustrating to wait to have a shower.

I would highly recommend this campsite to anyone looking for a friendly, easy and chilled atmosphere in the West Kent area.

One tip I will give you is this ...... use rubble sacks as rubbish bags. Then put a stick in the ground to hold the bag down and secure in the wind.

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